High-speed analysis of food & feed

For more than 25 years, LLA Instruments GmbH & Co. KG (LLA) develops and manufactures analytical technology for chemical imaging in process and laboratory usage. UV-VIS and NIR spectrometer by LLA are utilised worldwide for the analysis and sorting of material streams e.g. waste separation in recycling. LLA technology enables the identification of PVC in PET-flakes sorting or identification of extraneous material in paper recycling at maximum efficiency. In addition, the imaging UV-VIS and NIR spectrometers are also used in C & D recycling, minerals and food sorting. The product portfolio includes hyperspectral cameras as well as multiplexed NIR spectrometer. Newly developed XRF detection system for metal sorting applications is also available from now. Further accessories such as illumination units, software package, RGB line scan camera and comprehensive support complete the portfolio of LLA. The rugged product design is ideally suited for use in harsh environmental conditions. For standard applications, LLA provides ready-to-use analysis routines. Based on LLA's longtime experience, further applications can be developed and customised for new sensor-based sorting applications.

Hyperspectral cameras

Imaging NIR spectrometer and hyperspectral cameras for sensor-based sorting, hyperspectral cameras for recycling industries …

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Device specific control software for NIR spectrometer and hyperspectral cameras as well as chemometric development software …

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Identification of plastics, waste paper and PET-flakes in recycling by imaging NIR spectrometer and hyperspectral cameras …

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Quality control

Analysis and identification of plastics, paper, textiles, rock, food, coatings by NIR and metal and glass by Echelle …

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