Solution for high-resolution hyperspectral imaging


ProScan-HSI - Compact Hyperspectral Scanner
ProScan-HSI - Compact Hyperspectral Scanner

ProScan-HSI is the newest process-dedicated system developed by LLA Instruments GmbH & Co. KG (LLA).

Based on the combination of LLA´s high performance hyperspectral imagers, a rapid scanning table and an optimised line-illumination system, ProScan-HSI is the perfect solution for laboratory users or process developers who want to perform rapid chemical imaging analysis of small to medium-sized samples, at high spectral and spatial resolution.

The transportable scanner unit is fully compatible with any of the hyperspectral cameras in LLA´s portfolio, hence allowing to work on various wavelength ranges from 400 nm until 2.2 µm, depending on the application. ProScan-HSI can also be equipped with two different optics, giving either access to a wide field of view (320 mm), or to a
higher spatial resolution (down to 50 µm/pixel).

The system was developed to offer the highest level of modularity in terms of spectral bandwidth and resolution, along with user-friendliness:

■ Position the sample on the scanning table,
■ Start the scan and
■ Within seconds the results of the analysis are available.

Of course, ProScan-HSI is fully compatible with the data-processing software suite developed by LLA, and can also be delivered with the Prediktera´s software EVINCE for quick and easy visualisation.

Example of Identification of Small Samples

Example for Identification of small samples

Technical Specification

Configuration uniSPEC0.9HSI
Field Of View 96 mm up to 320 mm
Max. Sample Size 320 mm x 400 mm x 40 mm
Wavelength Range 350 nm - 950 nm 950 nm - 1700 nm 1320 nm - 1900 nm 1590 nm - 2170 nm
Spectral Resolution 2.1 nm < 8 nm
Number of Spectral Bands 109 - 1100 256 96 96
Number of Pixels/ Line 192 - 1920 320 192 192
Spatial Resolution (Smallest Pixel Size on Sample) 50 µm 0.3 mm 0.5 mm 0.5 mm
Max. Speed of Scanning Table 100 mm/s
Scanning Time for a 320 mm x 450 mm Sample* < 10 s for a 320 pixel x 136 pixel image with 256 spectral bands
Dimensions LxWxH 800 mm x 600 x 1100 mm
* Depending on exposure time and frame rate

Scope of Delivery

■ Hyperspectral camera,
■ Imaging optics,
■ Scanning table and housing,
■ Double-sided halogen illumination unit,
■ Control computer,
■ White calibration standard,
■ LLA´s control software KustaMSI,
■ LLA´s spectral analysis software KustaSpec,
■ LLA´s visualisation software KustaBelt,
■ Optional: Prediktera´s hyperspectral analysis software EVINCE