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LLA Instruments GmbH & Co. KG

LLA Instruments GmbH & Co. KG

LLA Instruments GmbH & Co. KG (LLA) develops and manufactures analytical spectral imaging process technology, hyperspectral cameras and optical spectrometer for R&D. The company is established as a reliable partner for sensor-based sorting technology especially for the evaluation of material in production.

LLA is market leading in the area of hyperspectral imaging for industrial usage.

Analytical process equipment and user-friendly control software are developed and manufactured at a technologically advanced level. A qualified and highly motivated team is permanently working for high product standards. NIR spectrometer are available in-house for test measurements. In the LLA technicum; samples can be investigated by NIR process technology on semi-automatic conveyor belts.

Since 1993, LLA is settled at the Science and Technology Park Berlin-Adlershof, the largest technology and science park in Germany. At this site, universitary research, national research institutes and high technology companies as well as media are located. In addition to the research department, the production of LLA spectrometers and cameras is also accomplished in Adlershof. The production capacity of hyperspectral cameras was increased by a new production facility in 2014.

LLA is working in national and international research projects in cooperation with federal and private research institutes. It is the philosophy of the company to transfer the scientific results into commercial products.

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Company history

Important milestones:

1993 Foundation in Berlin as spin-off Academy of Sciences
  Delivery of first fluorescence spectrometer for environmental analytic
1994 Enlisted in the register of companies
  Delivery of first NIR spectrometer with PbS-sensor (KUSTA2000)
  Development of first Echelle spectrometer for LIBS-measurement
1998 Delivery of first Echelle spectrometer ESA 3000
1999 Delivery of first multiplexed NIR spectrometer KUSTA-MPL for plastic recycling
2006 Delivery of first Echelle spectrometer ESA 4000
2007 Inauguration of LLA main building in Justus-von-Liebig-Strasse 9, Berlin
2008 15th anniversary of LLA Instruments GmbH
2010 Delivery of first hyperspectral camera KUSTA1.7MSI for recycling
Pioneer in hyperspectral imaging technology
  Delivery of 500th multiplexed system (KUSTAx.xMPL)
2012 Launch hyperspectral camera KUSTA2.2MSI
2013 Launch hyperspectral camera uniSPEC1.9HSI
2014 Expansion of company site Justus-von-Liebig-Strasse 9/11, Berlin
New facility site for hyperspectral cameras
20th anniversary of LLA Instruments GmbH
NIR spectrometer uniSPEC2.2USB launched (no longer available)
2015 Update multiplexed NIR Spektrometer KUSTAx.xMPL to KUSTAx.xMPL-24V
Launch of new Echelle spectrograph ESA4000plus
Optional valve control for pneumatic ejection unit
2016 Launch of RGB line scan camera uniScanRGB
Launch of UV-VIS hyperspectral camera uniSPEC0.9HSI
2017 Launch of on-line XRF analyser, hyperspectral scanning system ProScan-HSI, KUSTA2.2MSIsens


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