Important note

Dear business Partners,

the subject of coronavirus (COVID-19) keeps the world in suspense and confronts all people and companies with new, unforeseen challenges. Based on the current regulations of the state government, we can inform you that our daily business operations are available to you as usual, until further notice.

The safe and healthy of our employees, partners, and customers is the priority for us, and we are doing our best to help prevent the COVID-19 from spreading.

In order to minimize the risk of infection at our location in Berlin, we have taken a number of measures for your and our protection. We have instructed our employees so that:
- there is no greeting by shaking hands
- keep a safe distance from people
- regular hands cleaning is done by washing and disinfecting
- no visits to suppliers and customers in and out of the house

Please help prevent infection by restraining traveling and choose remote ways of contacting us by phone, e-mail or arrange online sessions and remote connections.

We will keep you up to date with any news or changes to the current situation.

stay healthy! Your LLA Instruments' team

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