LLA Instruments develops the first hyperspectral imaging camera with an intensified image sensor for low-light applications. This genuine innovation is consisting of an imaging reflection spectrometer including an integrated iCMOS camera.

This worldwide first technology enables:
■ Significant increase in photosensitivity (light amplification of 104 W / W)
■ Detection of extremely weak light signals up to the UV range (220 nm)
■ Time-resolved measurements (resolution 20 ns)

The control of external excitation sources (lasers, UV LEDs ..) via programmable TTL pulse is possible.

This hyperspectral camera was developed for different applications:
Spatial- and time resolved detection
■ in low light applications, where the spectral sensitivity of normal cameras is no longer sufficient
■ in the reflection- and fluorescence spectroscopy (minerals, food)
■ measurements of weak signals in the UV range
■ LIBS measurements

This technology is currently under development. If you are interested in testing, please do not hesitate to contact us. Please send us an E-Mail to marketing@lla.de.

More information will follow soon.

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