NEW UV-VIS hyperspectral camera uniSPEC0.9HSI

UV-VIS hyperspectral camera uniSPEC0.9HSI
UV-VIS hyperspectral camera uniSPEC0.9HSI

A new LLA hyperspectral camera for the UV-Visible range from 350 nm - 950 nm is available from February 2016.

This temperature-stabilised camera uniSPEC0.9HSI is based on the newest CMOS technology, the sensor is configurable and achieves low noise-level and high sensitivity. When used in combination with the other types of LLA hyperspectral cameras, the whole wavelength range from UV to NIR can be covered. This addition to the previous family of NIR hyperspectral imaging cameras uniSPECx.xHSI provides access to further analysis in the domains of food/feed, minerals, life science (fluorescence screening) and high-resolution color analysis.

Of course, the new UV-Visible hyperspectral camera uniSPEC0.9HSI is compatible with the full portfolio of LLA software and hardware solutions. Based on the
user´s requirements, this new camera is available under
a variety of configurations (extended spectral range,
increased spectral or spatial resolution,...).

More information can be found here.

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