Sustainable Minerals '21 | XRF

Sustainable Minerals '21
Sustainable Minerals '21

LLA will be present at the online-event "Sustainable Minerals" in June 2021. Our topic lecture is

"X-Ray Fluorescence Spectroscopy Sensor arrays (XRFline) for on-belt online element analysis with high sorting accuracy and efficiency"

Please be invited to join us online, June 23rd (starting 11:20 AM) at Sustainable Minerals '21

Short Introduction/ Abstract
XRF is a method to detect all elements with an atomic number of Magnesium or higher. It is used to separate all kinds of materials as e.g. glass (leaded-glass, ceramics), metals (steel, heavy metals), metal alloys (brass, bronze, copper) or to analyze material to distinguish the concentration of a target metal in ore or the amount of impurities in the input stream of e.g. steel mills.

Due to the increased use of alloys and composite constructions of metals with other materials, detailed information about the composition of a single piece of material becomes more and more important for the recycling process. For our XRFline sensor array we use state-of-the-art technology and task specific detection to provide the most detailed information on the composition in the shortest time possible. We will present results of a setup with 25x25mm resolution and 400mm FoV showing excellent detection efficiency on different input streams.

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