Update NIR spectrometer KUSTAx.xMPL-24V

Update KUSTAx.xMPL

KUSTAx.xMPL changes to KUSTAx.xMPL-24V

Starting in October, the multiplexed NIR spectrometer KUSTAx.xMPL can be ordered with an improved update for rough environmental conditions. The NIR spectrometer was adapted especially to industrial conditions in recycling plants. Changing the input voltage from 230 V to 24 V reduced the number of power supplies and made the system more stable against fluctuations of the mains voltage.

The new KUSTAx.xMPL-24V model consists of an optical unit in a compact housing with 64 inputs for fiber cables. The optical unit is separate from the industrial PC and can be mounted directly on the probe head. Therefore, the lengths of the fiber cables can be reduced significantly. The modified cooling does not require an additional air conditioning unit and is consequently maintenance-free.

The update KUSTAx.xMPL-24V is available in january 2015. More information can be found here.

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