Valve control for pneumatic ejection unit

Accessory for sorting applications

KustaMSI - material ejection: ABS, PS, SB

LLA Instruments GmbH is immediately providing a valve control for pneumatic ejection unit for its NIR process spectrometer.

Valve control unit is directly connected to an industrial PC via ethernet interface of the NIR process spectrometer. This connection allows the control of up to 1024 valves. The material identification method is loaded by device control software KustaMSI (NIR hyperspectral cameras KUSTAx.xMSI) and KustaMPL (multiplexed NIR spectrometer KUSTAx.xMPL) and sorts to be separated can be choosen in a sort table. The device control software emits relevant control signals during the sorting process to the valve control unit in real-time.

More information can be found here (optional equipment).

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