Applications NIR technology in recycling

All LLA software packages are optimised to the respective sorting task and can be expanded individually. The NIR devices KUSTA1.7MSI, KUSTA1.9MSI, KUSTA2.2MSI as well as KUSTA1.9MPL-24V and KUSTA2.2MPL-24V are available with the following identification modules:

idHwaste Identification and sorting of plastics in household waste
idEwaste Identification and sorting of electronic plastics & technical plastics
idPCB Identification and sorting of printed circuit boards (PCB)
idPET Identification and sorting of PET flakes
idPaper Identification and sorting of paper / paper recycling
idDebris / idCM Identification and sorting of debris / C&D recycling


Applications atomic emission spectroscopy (AES)

Qualitative and quantitative analysis methods

Evaluation of spectral lines
Underground correction
Calculation of peak areas and line ratio
Multi element analysis, Automatic qualitative Multi element analysis, Comparison to atomic spectra database (NIST)
User-specific programs by customizable selection of spectral lines (ROI - Region of interest)
Calculation of calibration curves, output of concentrations and statistical results. Determination of plasma temperature (Kurucz database).