Chemometric software

LLA Instruments’ device software is complemented by software kits for chemometric application development.


Offline software KustaSpec for analysis of measurement samples
Offline software KustaSpec for analysis of measurement samples

KustaSpec is an off-line software tool for chemometric application development. The applications developed by KustaSpec are compatible to device software KustaWIN, KustaMPL and KustaMSI. KustaSpec supports the spectral data format of the device software as well as standard ascii data.

KustaSpec includes:
■ Spectra visualisation
■ Spectra processing
■ Data conversion
■ Development of single- and multi step analysis models, test and optimisation thereof

Development and modification of analysis models require the handling and visualization of large data sets. For this purpose, KustaSpec permits simultaneous loading, grouping and colouring of thousands of NIR-spectra.

A comprehensive range of mathematical operations e.g. derivations are available for spectral processing. Statistical data evaluation as well as graphical analysis tools e.g. scores plot and vector plots are implemented for the validation of new applications by NIR test sets. The NIR test sets and learnsets (NIR reference spectral dataset for application development) can be generated and modified by KustaSpec as well.


Evince - Partnersoftware for imaging NIR hyperspectral camera technology
Evince - Partnersoftware for imaging NIR hyperspectral camera technology

The data acquired with the hyperspectral cameras KUSTAx.xMSI can also be easily processed using the commercial software Evince.

Evince Image is a modern software for exploration of hyperspectral image data. It has a graphical user interface, which allows import of most common image formats. With powerful analysis techniques, the user can efficiently extract relevant information from the image. A wide range of visualisations are available, both for raw and processed data. A visible interaction between data and graphics makes the exploration fast and effective! Evince runs on Mac, Linux and Windows® operating systems.


Evince Image can be used in a wide field of applications for research and laboratory routine analysis:

■ Prediction of moisture distribution in bread,
■ Quality control of cheese,
■ Moisture prediction of incoming timber,
■ Multivariate calibration,
■ Freshness control of fruits and berries,
■ Classification of nuts,
■ Assessment of glue hardening or
■ Discovery of adulteration in spices

More information about Evince can be found here.