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LLA Instruments GmbH & Co. KG (LLA) is a world wide manufacturer of process analytical technology for the recycling industry, R&D and laboratory applications. The product portfolio includes NIR hyperspectral imaging camera technology as well as UV-VIS hyperspectral imaging camera, multiplexed NIR spectrometer and XRF technology for sorting material streams like glass, zebra, zorba, zurik.

LLA' s NIR technology is made for high-speed identification and analysis in processes or single measurements in laboratory.

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NIR Hyperspectral Imaging Cameras

Hyperspectral camera system for analytical and chemical imaging in high-speed process on conveyor belts
Hyperspectral camera system for analytical and chemical imaging in high-speed process on conveyor belts

The NIR hyperspectral imaging cameras

■ KUSTA2.2MSIsens
■ uniSPEC1.7HSI
■ uniSPEC1.9HSI
■ uniSPEC2.2HSIsens

consist of a NIR camera and an imaging NIR spectrometer with a NIR corrected lens. Imaging spectrometer allow high resolution images (spatial resolution) of the measurement objects. Hyperspectral cameras are cameras that provide a high spectral resolution i.e. at a large number of wavelength points the spectral intensity is measured simultaneously. More details are found on the page analytical methods.

LLA cameras are characterised by:

■ High quality spectra - based on distortion-free projecting optical components (like a specifically designed NIR lens and the designed grating of the spectrometer) with low noise levels
■ High spectral and spatial resolution of up to 320 x 256 pixel - due to powerful components (like customised sensors)
■ Unrivalled analysis speed of up to 795 Hz (Frame rate) - achieved by purpose designed electronics

Sophisticated software tools for spectra recording and data interpretation as well as analysis development kit are provided with the camera. A high performance industrial PC equipped with these software tools as well as camera control software is also included in delivery.

The NIR cameras may be combined with a RGB camera providing color information additional to the NIR spectral information of the measured object.

Each NIR camera can be equipped with an illumination unit. The illumination unit PMAmsi was developed especially for LLA NIR cameras and ensures that the light is optimally focused in the measurement plane of the camera. A high intensity of the measurement signal is thereby achieved. These components are combined by an installation bridge. The installation bridge allows precise alignment of camera and illumination unit. Required electrical components, e.g. power supplies and control PC are installed in a separate control cabinet.

The complete setup is usually mounted above a conveyor belt. The aim is the detection at high spectral resolution and fast evaluation of material streams on the conveyor belt. At frame rates of up to 795 Hz and with a spatial resolution of up to 320 tracks across the conveyor belt, even bulk material with objects of a few millimetres in diameter is measured and analysed.

Overview NIR hyperspectral imaging cameras LLA Instruments GmbH & Co. KG

UV-VIS Hyperspectral Imaging Camera

UV-VIS hyperspectral camera system
UV-VIS hyperspectral camera system uniSPEC0.9HSI

In addition to the NIR hyperspectral cameras, a hyperspectral imaging system for the UV-Visible spectral range is available.

The uniSPEC0.9HSI hyperspectral camera is designed exhibiting a spectral range from 350nm to 950nm. Based on a high-sensitivity configurable CMOS sensor, this camera can be customised to meet the end user’s requirements. Whether high speed, high spatial resolution, broad wavelength range
(Δλ = 600nm) or very high spectral resolution (below 0.4nm per pixel) is preferred, all options are configurable.

The outstanding performance of the spectrometer is complemented by a series of available optics which have been carefully selected for offering the highest optical performance (distortion-free, chromatic correction, high throughput) possible.

As for its NIR counterparts, the UV-Visible hyperspectral camera uniSPEC0.9HSI is delivered with a full software package permitting control of the camera system, acquisition, export and post-processing of the data. With its high sensitivity and its high resolution, this hyperspectral camera gives access to a whole new range of possible applications.

The uniSPEC0.9HSI hyperspectral camera is available in two models:
uniSPEC0.9HSI_s, 400 nm wavelength range & suitable for compact setups with large field of view
uniSPEC0.9HSI_w, with an enhanced 600nm wavelength range & working on a reduced field of view

Technical specification uniSPEC0.9HSI

  uniSPEC0.9HSI_s uniSPEC0.9HSI_w
Wavelength Range 0.350 µm - 0.950 µm
Dispersion/ Pixel 0.365 nm (full frame)
to 3.66 nm (highest binning)
Spectral Bandwidth 400 600
Frame Rate 10 Hz (full frame)
to 579 Hz (highest binning)
Sensitivity +++
Number of measurements tracks 1920 (full frame)
to 192 (highest binning)
1100 (full frame)
to 109 (highest binning)

Multiplexed NIR Spectrometer

Multiplexed NIR spectrometer KUSTAx.xMPL-24V and probe line PMAmpl

Multiplexed NIR spectrometer KUSTAx.xMPL-24V and uniSPECx.xMPL-24V and (former KUSTAx.xMPL and uniSPECx.xMPL) are mainly used in industrial environments and in particular in optical sorting plants. In recycling, especially in plastic recycling, C&D recycling and waste paper recycling, the NIR spectrometers are used for a rapid identification of material streams. The multiplexed NIR spectrometers detect material with a particle size of larger than 30 mm. For a detection of smaller particles (< 30 mm in diameter) hyperspectral imaging cameras KUSTAx.xMSI are recommended.

The multiplexed NIR spectrometer KUSTAx.xMPL-24V and uniSPECx.xMPL-24V consist of an optical multiplexer, which is connected to several single probes respectively a probe line by fiber cables. Up to 64 single probes can be connected to one individual multiplexer unit.

Scan rates of  up to 70 Hz enable the recording and processing of more than 4000 spectra per second. The NIR spectrometers are characterised by a high sensitivity as well as a high spectral resolution. This combination allows the detection of very small spectral differences and therefore the discrimination of very similar materials in the optical sorting processes.

The high scan rate allows the measurement of material streams on wide conveyor belts with probe lines. An RGB color sensor is integrated into the spectrometer unit, which additionally gathers the color information for each NIR spectroscopic measurement.  NIR and colour information can be combined freely in the analysis software. That increases the reliability of the material evaluation or provides a classification criteria in itself for individual sorting tasks.

Sophisticated software tools for spectra recording and data interpretation as well as analysis development kit are provided with the camera. A high performance industrial PC equipped with these software tools as well as camera control software are included in the scope of delivery.

Comparison LLA Instruments multiplexed NIR spectrometer

Wavelength range [μm] 1.36 – 1.94 1.1 – 2.2
Frame rate [Hz] Max. 70 Max. 70
Number of measurement tracks Max. 64 Max. 64
Dispersion / Pixel 4 nm 4 nm
Sensitivity +++ +++